Over in the meadow, where the tall pines grow, there was a white cottage. (Can you smell the pine trees and see the house?)  The house was great because _________________. A boy named ___________________________ live there. He had hair that looked like ___________________ and eyes the color of ________________________.  His mother was making lunch that smell like ___________________________. He helped her cut up___________. The pieces felt like ____________________ and they smelled _____________________.

"Lunch won't be ready for thirty minutes," she told him.  "Why don't you find something to do?"

Usually he liked to go outside and explore. He would ___________________________________________________, and ________________________________________ ,and ____________________________. But, that day it rained.

What could he do inside? He thought a lot. Maybe he could ______________________________________________ ,or ____________________________________, or ____________________________________________. Those were all  great ideas. Then he thought a new thought.

"The attic," he said with a snap of his fingers. He smiled to himself. The cottage steps were steep. His dad had put a thick rope on the wall all the way up to steady him.  The big rope felt ___________________________________. 

Upstairs, the attic room smelled _______________________________________. No one had been up there since ____________________________________. The dusty space made him cough and sneeze. 

It was so quiet, he tiptoed across the floor. (Hear the silence?) There were a lot of things stored up there. Over against the wall was ________________________________________________. It felt ___________________________ in his fingers. Beneath the windows, he saw ______________________________________________. He thought of all the wonderful things he could do with it. He could __________________________________________________, or he might  _________________________________________________. 

It was so quiet, he could hear himself breathing. Wait, he thought, what is that sound? Then he knew, It sounded like ______________________________________. On the dirty window glass, he saw a bumble bee. 

The bee fluttered his wings and said, "Hello, my name is ______________________________."

____________________________ couldn't believe it. "Who do you think you are? Bees don't talk," he pointed at the insect. 

"I beg to correct you." The tiny one bowed low. "Yet, here I am, talking to you. Me, Buzzy Bee." 

"There are no flowers up here," he said. "You eat ____________________________ and _____________________. We have nothing like that in the attic. What are you doing up here?"

The bee buzzed and shook. "Something terrible happened, My home is gone. It ________________________________. I have no place to live. I need ______________________, and ______________________, and. __________________."

The boy started walking to the steps again. "I know a place you can make your home. Follow me. But, hide from Mom. She doesn't like bees. She was stung once."ou going

The boy started down the steps with the bee buzzing around his head. "That's a good idea," he told the bee. At the foot of the steps, he grabbed up his ball cap and slipped it on his head. Buzzy sat on the hat right in front where other hats would have a team symbol and walked across the living room.

"Where are you going," his mother asked. "It's still raining."

The boy shrugged. "I'll not melt. I won't be long."

"Did you get a new hat?" she asked when she say the fancy new bee symbol on it.

"Not new," he said as he opened the door. "I just changed the emblem."

Outside, the rain was gently falling. It smelled _______________________________ and felt ____________________ on his skin. He darted beyond the tree line with Buzzy on his hat. In a clearing there was a tiny hut. It looked like __________________________________________________________________________. All around door, flowers bloomed. The blossoms were _____________________________ , and ___________________________________, and _________________________________________. Their fragrance was magical. The boy's favorite was __________________ because _____________________________________.

Buzzy jumped down and filled up on nectar. "II like this place. It is so____________________________________. " And, like any grateful bee would say, if a bee could be grateful and it could could talk, Buzzy said, "Thank you"

That was the best raining day the boy had ever had.