These posts accompany my book, Tucker McBride. You'll find lesson prompts for teachers to mine through the details of life in 1946 in Northern Indiana and stimulate their students. In the fall of 2020, teacher, Victoria Borgman plans to publish a teacher's guide to accompany the novel. More to follow on that.

Doris Gaines Rapp, Ph.D.

This blog is to inform the reader of Dr. Rapp's current thoughts - wow - brace yourself. The original blog, with thousands of views from around the world, was hacked and had to be discontinued. I'm testing posts to make sure the content is mine. 

Prayer Therapy. was hacked by the same hacker, destroyed my blog of 46,044 followers, over six or more years. They even asked for a financial contribution for some fictitious organization. Unable to log onto that blog, I cantacted but they didn't respond. This is the new one, where I occasionally post devotionals using the Lord's Prayer as the prayer template. The entry is based on the format I used in "The Prayer Therapy of Jesus," available on and